Turkish flautist ŞEFİKA KUTLUER (www.sefikakutluer.com) is a worldwide famous musician whose work receives wide appraisal:

“She makes music because she has to; it is something she can’t really choose. It is a divine gift of God, a means of touching the divine that only a relatively few people are given on this planet. It is very rare and precious, she is blessed to be one of the chosen ones.”

American Record Guide


“ROSE AMONG THE THORNS”.…….It was my pleasure to laud her CD so fervently, because it was indeed some of the most compelling flute playing I have heard in a while. …………………, her playing stands out like a rose among the thorns.

The Mozart album is wonderful. And how wonderful to play the “alla turca” from the
A-major sonata! How “unauthentic” ! I loved it. This is a terrific record.
“Romantic Flute” CD is also very enjoyable I loved her interpretation of both,…… I have promised myself to listen to her beautiful tone on this recording.
This is simply gorgeous playing on an exalted level. She is truly a “prima
donna assoluta
” on the flute! I love this album, Bravo!



Her music has given me much pleasure, and I am continually amazed at the richness of her technique and tone. She should guard her gift carefully, for it is given to very few. I wish I knew what it felt like to be so talented…………….”

Steven Ritter
American Record Guide

“………FLUTE SINGING OF LOVE. The outstanding flutist Şefika singing like the “fairy bird” (with what else can the beautiful and fresh voice of her flute be compared) sounded with an inspiration, fascinating the audience and the musicians. Such light breathing seems to be just God’s gift…….”            

S.Beresten – Literature and Art

“……….THE PEARL OF TURKEY The audience was fascinated by her masterly performing of the world famous classical music very delicately, emotionally and lyrically, as only a person with a very poetic soul could do…………..”

Georgy Chigir – Narodnaya Gazeta

 “………The Turkish flautist, Şefika Kutluer is now a distinguished member of the music world………”

G.Edwards – New York Times

“…..Turkish flutist Şefika Kutluer has one of the most alluring sounds I have ever heard, matched with a formidable technique. She takes her place as one of the most dazzling flute soloists on the world scene……………

………….I would put money on her in just about anything. This disc is most pleasing in all respects.”

Ritter -American Record Guide (Review on the “Fantasies” CD)

Attraction in pureness… angel-lIke pureness and a devIl-lIke skIll

“This Turkish artist creates fascinating music with her instrument. Attraction in pureness… In the full meaning of the word, there is an ideal pureness in Kutluer’s performance, which transports the audience into the realm of fascination and attraction… Furthermore, we can say that she displays an angel-like pureness and a devil-like skill… One hears from time to time the nostalgic sound of dervishes’ particular reed flutes……………..”

Revue Musicale De Suisse Romande

EMOTIONAL BEAUTIES  “Şefika has a very beautiful, homogenous and brilliant flute sound and displays an unquestionable Mozart interpretation. In harmony with the whole she plays her flute perfectly filling every part with technical and emotional beauties. ……………”

Journal de la Confederation de France


Flute soloist Şefika Kutluer, representing Turkey, performed at the Tokyo Fine Arts Concert Hall with the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra. After her wonderful interpretation of Mozart’s flute concerto Japanese music-lovers applauded wildly and invited her back to the stage again and again to perform 5 encores….”

Tokyo – Mainichi Shimbun Daily

MAGICAL FLUTIST  “………The magical flutist Şefika Kutluer provided us and the thousands of women delegates coming from all over the world with the opportunity of listening to an enchanting performance and realized a prominent recital on behalf of her country and herself………..”

Chinese Press

A MUSIC FEAST  “……..Şefika Kutluer, increasing this wonderful harmony in every measure with soft and pastel colors succeeded in marking this recital into memories. We’d like to listen to her again at another music feast that is as beautiful and full of variety as this one…..”

Sergey Biryukav Tpya Daily- Moscow

A STAR  “………..Turkish ‘star’ Şefika Kutluer’s technique, interpretation and especially her beautiful flute tone color charmed all the audience in Kiev……”

Ukraine Press

SUN IN COLD WATER  “Those who went to see her concert in the Belarusian State Philharmony could meet the lack of melanin in their organism with her sunny, warm, ‘Mozart’ playing. The sound of her flute was that of a soloist of a world-class level. It was very refined and delicate………..”

Yelena Molochko – Sovetskaya Belarussia

MAGIC SOUNDS  “….The magic sounds of her flute had been “melting” in the air as if transparent contours of a scarf which is flying after a beauty, connecting the impetuosity of the music with the graceful smoothness of gestures….”

N.Buntsevich – Kultura

“………..The composition titled  “At the Tomb of Yunus” performed by Şefika Kutluer was excellent, and Yunus Emre’s philosophy also was extremely interesting……”                               

Radio WGMS-Washington D.C.

“……….I am impressed; here is a master technician who also has great musicianship. The audience was thrilled by the technical excellence displayed by Kutluer; she has a delicate control of tone color. Her articulation of  “Flatterzunge” or flutter tonguing is superb. Her fingering is the best, but flute players know that fingering is perhaps half the effort. The remainder is the responsibility of the lungs and diaphragm and the throat, lips, and tongue. Kutluer has all these components completely under control and she imparted a shimmering brilliance to the music………….” 

New York Times

“…………She has ample technical control over her instrument and phrases her music  beautifully……………….”

Zubin Mehta

“…………………I had never heard before a flute tone such fascinating……..”

Prince Mikasa of Japan

“……………..Turkish flute player Şefika Kutluer entertained an overflowing audience with romantic tunes, showing off her cutting-edge technique and her energetic flute virtuosity in a flamboyant delivery…………..”

Mark Longaker-Washington Post

“……….Şefika Kutluer’s Compact Discs are wonderful mementos of my visit and of the kindness of the Turkish People…………”

Hillary Clinton

“………….We were all charmed by her virtuosity and interpretation. It was a great pleasure for me to make music with Şefika Kutluer…………”

Sir Charles Mackerras

The Turkish flutist Şefika Kutluer was the guest soloist of the National Orchestra at the Saint Joseph Cathedral. When she played Ibert, she looked like she was talking with the flute and she created between the keys bird’s turtledoves. She was like a fairy coming from the Bosphorus country and she surprised the audience by her performance. Şefika Kutluer who got many prizes and medals in Vienna and Turkey accompanied with her flute international orchestras and became in 1989 an international artist. She had a lot of things to tell us through her flute last Friday. She made a very nice dialogue with the birds, she was playing with her breath and her fingers became the keys. It was like a dialogue between many flutes at the same time.

She played alone a romantic serenade and we were very happy to listen to her music and her flute, which became a bridge between her and the others.”

May Manessa
An-Nahar – Beirut

She played at the Palace to the King of Spain;

“……..This is incredibly fabulous we feel high above the clouds, like in heaven…….”

The Queen & King of Spain

Her CD’s receive great appraisal;

“ Şefika Kutluer delights in this Mozart CD, again with a sparkling Flute and Harp Concerto.

No collection should be devoid of the flute works of Vivaldi, and you can try the gorgeous new recording of Şefika Kutluer and members of the Berlin Philharmonic playing opus 10.

Another great Poulenc, along with some lesser known romantic composers, is the stunning album The Romantic Flute by Turkish flutist Şefika Kutluer, sporting a sound that knows few equals in the world today. “

American Record Guide

“………Kutluer has a rich, bright sound with a sunny-sounding vibrato; she fills a large space with her sound and calmly takes time to develop the line……”

American Record Guide
Review on the “Romantic Flute” CD

“Şefika has a very beautiful, homogenous and brilliant flute sound. Displays an unquestionable Mozart interpretation. In harmony with the whole she plays her flute perfectly filling every part with technical and emotional beauties. Especially her interpretation of K 313 Adagio and her stylish harmony with the orchestra and the harp is perfect.

The flute arrangement and the interpretation of the Turkish March are also excellent.”  

Journal de la Confederation de France
Review on the “Mozart” CD

“………..Tango Goes Symphony is more than a very good work to introduce non-tango listeners to Tango with a symphonic garment and an excellent flautist.
This CD is in my opinion a real triumph and I hope some others ones will follow this album………….”

Argentina’s top Tango expert – Mario Safier
Review on “Tango Goes Symphony “ CD

“Throughout the album, Tango Goes Symphony, her richly rounded tone falls beautifully upon the ear” – an angular phrase, and I would not argue with the sentiment. She is an outstanding flautist.

John Leeman
Classical Music Web

 ………….And her “CARMEN FANTASY” CD received a

GOLDEN CD PRIZE  from Sony Classical.

Received “GOLDEN GALLO CD COLLECTION” prize from Gallo International Dept., for her all albums released by Gallo.

Here are two releases by the extraordinary Turkish flutist, Şefika Kutluer. I know of no finer player anywhere in the world, and she doesn’t disappoint here.

Kutluer obviously is a very spiritual artist; every note is played with a seriousness of purpose, and her general tone of performance is almost theological, if I may use the term, as if there are great mysteries in a phrase or movement that only those who make the effort will be counted worthy to have the Godlike qualities of the music revealed to them. And with a sumptuous tone like hers, it is no sacrifice on our part to listen to every gorgeous second of it.

On the second CD things only get better.

From the first moment I put this disc in my player, I knew it was going to be a desert island recording. (Not just a best of the year–a given–but a large step up from there.) Everything I said about the first disc goes double here, and Şefika Kutluer plays with an almost infused understanding of the music, her amazing ability to turn long phrases into occasions for tearful joy a constant and endearing quality shared by relatively few artists. I do not gush—the playing is that affecting, and her ability to carry a phrase is simply profound.

Yet she is not alone, and both Daniela Varinska and Eugen Prochac offer equally supportive understanding and hypnotic collaboration in some of the most important music Bach ever wrote. These two players turn these performances into an ideal chamber setting, and one can almost see the communication between them, a delicacy and responsiveness that usually only comes after years of playing together. The B-minor sonata in particular is the finest I have ever heard, and my only complaint is that more wasn’t found to fill out this 60-minute disc.

I will say that in my experience there has been no more musically striking version to come to my ears in many a year. If you own 20 recordings of these works, it’s time to add 21. The sound is, as if I need to say it, as good as the playing.

American Record Guide/ July-August 2003

A magnIfIcent flute player

Şefika Kutluer is a magnificent flute player, a house artist of the recording company from Vadois” “sensitive, emotional, moving and heartbreaking”

Revue Musicale De Suisse Romande


If you love flute you have to love these J.S.Bach  sonatas, and if you love Bach you have to love these sonatas,

My main fave is the one on Gallo by Turkish flutist Sefika Kutluer (that one has continuo), a woman who has as lush and splendid a sound as anyone I know and used it to good effect. This current release seems a nice middle ground, and even if it is an only recording you can probably live happily. Scratch all others, you should get the CD by Kutluer.

Fanfare –  Audiophile Audition / USA

The B-minor sonata is of course well known, and the juxtaposition of instruments on both parts does nothing to detract from this wonderful work (though those who want the flute can do no better that acquire Sefika Kutluer’s recording on Gallo).

Published on January 31, 2012
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