First Festival 2010

First Int'l Sefika Kutluer Festival "East Meets West" (2010)

“La musique à Versailles”

Sinfonietta De Paris Orchestra

23 September 2010
Venue: Arts & Sculpture Museum, Ulus Ankara
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23 September 2010
Soloist Şefika Kutluer, Flute
Conductor Dominique Fanal
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The Influence of Ottoman Arts & Music on Europe

Concert to Aid Pakistan Flood Victims

30 September 2010
The Influence of Ottoman arts & music on Europe
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6 October 2010
Hacettepe Academic Symphony Orchestra
Soloist Şefika Kutluer, Flute
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UNESCO Pontes Festival Concert

Authentic Concert - "The Spirit of the East"

10 October 2010
Virtuosi di Praga Orchestra
Soloist Sefika Kutluer, Flute
Conductor Oldrich Vlcek
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16 October 2010
Şefika Kutluer, Flute
Burhan Öçal, Percussion
Atsuko Suotemi, Koto and...
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Dramatic Reading - "Turkish" Shakespeare

European Union Chamber Orchestra

20 October 2010
Yıldız Kenter - Talat Halman
"Turkish" Shakespeare

with the music of Shakespeare Age "
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24 October 2010
Soloist Şefika Kutluer, Flute
Conductor Hans-Peter Hofmann
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La musique à Versailles”