Our world-famous flute virtuoso, Unicef’s Goodwill Ambassador, Magic Flute Şefika Kutluer gave a concert at Izmir Ahmet Adnan Saygun Hall accompanied by Narlıdere Municipality Children’s Symphony Orchestra.

In 2019, the ‘Children’s Symphony Orchestra’, which started its journey as the dream of Narlıdere Mayor Ali Engin, was prepared by its trainers Ender Ünal, Cüneyt Deniz and Gülin Özsakarya for the big concert where it will accompany Şefika Kutluer.

In 5 continents, Kutluer represents our country by giving concerts in countless countries and as a Goodwill Ambassador of Unicef, she carries out activities for the children of the world.

Şefika Kutluer has been giving charity concerts on every occasion. Kutluer, who gives concerts on behalf of many aid associations, also gives aid concerts within the framework of the festival (www.sefikakutluerfest.com) she organizes.

Kutluer recorded the World Lullabies CD with the British Royal Philharmonic orchestra, which she presented to the children of the world on the occasion of a congress organized for children in London years ago;

Kutluer says; “I work in line with the ideals of UNICEF and develop projects to support Turkish and world children to live in better conditions.

I want to help all children on every occasion by supporting UNICEF. I also know that children are our future. We have to leave them a livable world. For this, it is very important to protect nature and people.  Using my career that I have developed around the world, I am doing my best to ensure that all the world’s children live in a happier, more peaceful and better environment and to create a future for them with full opportunities for health, education and a good life.”

After winning several international competitions and launching her truly international career as a soloist, she was awarded the presidential Medal in Turkey, in 1985, the highest honor that country bestows on an individual, and in 1998 she became a “State Artist”.

She is known as the “Magic Flute” after the headline written by the New York Times’ critics.

Şefika Kutluer is the Flute Soloist at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

She received the “Golden Bravo Award”, as the “Best Classical Performer, in Russia at the Bolshoi Theatre. And she performed with the Bolshoi Theatre Symphony Orchestra on April the 25th, 2023.

She has been decorated with;

State Golden Medal – by the President of Italy,

“Austrian Gold Medal of Merit” by the President of Austria,

the “Cultural Medal” of the Republic of Kazakhstan and

Slovak Republic’s special award – the “Golden Medal of Honour”.

She received the 2000 Inter-Lyra prize from the ‘Hungarian Foundation for

Performing Arts’

She has been appointed as the “Goodwill Ambassador of Unicef”.

She received the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality’s “Adding Value to Ankara” award, and the “Strategic Vision Award” from “Turkish Asian Center for Strategic Studies (TASAM)”.

She has performed several concerts, in innumerable countries in 5 continents, at many famous concert halls like; Carnegie Hall, Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center in the USA, Bolshoi Theater, Tchaikovsky Hall, St. Petersburg Phil. Hall in Russia, Suntory Hall in Japan, Rudolfinum in Prague, joined International Music Festivals and received very favorable reviews.

She participated in radio-television programs and held “Master Classes”.

Also; Şefika Kutluer prepares and presents a program called “Music of Emotions” on TRT Radio 3 Classical Music channel, weekly.

She has performed concerts at the Palais des Nations in Geneva on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the United Nations Organization, at the Palace of Spain in the presence of the King and the Queen and in Tokyo of Prince Mikasa.

Joined The 4th World Conference on Women, representing Turkey, in 1995 in Beijing, China and gave a concert.

Kutluer represented Turkey at the Asian Symphony Orchestra formed by artists from 40 different Asian Countries and performed the opening concert of The Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations, in Beijing China in 2019, in front of President Xi Jinping and to an audience of 80 000. Then she continued her concert tour in China.

Ian Anderson composed a piece titled “Sefika’s Tango”, especially for her, and she made a concert tour with Jethro Tull playing this piece, as well.

Arif Melikov, Turgay Erdener, Jose Elizondo, Rene Giessen and Çetin Işıközlü have composed special music for her.

She made concerts with Claude Bolling dedicated to Jean Pierre Rampal.

She has started an international festival in Ankara, which continues every year during the same period. “The first 14 International Şefika Kutluer Festivals – East Meets West”  (www.sefikakutluerfest.com ) were organized each year from 2010 to 2023.

The International Şefika Kutluer Festival was chosen as the 1st in the “Best Festival” category at the Ace of MICE Awards 2020, which is accepted as the Oscars of the ”meetings and events industry”.

Sefika Kutluer has released 17 albums including recordings with the Berlin Philharmony and the British Royal Philharmonic orchestras. Her CD’s are distributed all around the world and her discography receives the reviewer’s and music-lovers’ great appraisal.

Sony has awarded her Carmen Fantasy CD, with a “GOLDEN CD PRIZE”.

Her “Bach Sonatas” CD has been chosen as one of the best CDs of the year by the reviewers of the American Record Guide.

She also received “GALLO GOLDEN CD COLLECTION” award from Gallo International, based in Switzerland, and her 17 CDs are published with this label.

Recently she has released a solo CD that includes her composition she has written for her beloved mother.

She is a Gallo International Management Artist.