October 6, 2012

CHINESE Jiangsu Women’s Traditional Orchestra


Based in Lianyungang(the starting point of the new Eurasia landmass)with a beautiful landscape of mountains and sea, Jiangsu Women’s Traditional Instruments Orchestra is the only one within the province that plays Chinese traditional folk music. Established in 2002 and state-owned, the performers of orchestra, who graduated respectively from the Central Conservatory of Music, China Conservatory of Music and Central University of Nationalities, etc. Under the trust of the Ministry of Culture and Jiangsu Provincial Government, the orchestra went on performing tours to Eurasian countries & Hongkong and Macau, bringing greetings and blessings to Chinese people overseas, and enhancing the friendship between China and other countries or regions, spreading excellent traditional Chinese culture far and wide. These events have been reported many times on CCTV, in China Culture Daily and other mass media.

During the Spring Festival of 2003, entrusted by the Ministry of Culture and Jiangsu Provincial Government, the music band went on the performing tour to 13 European metropolitan cities(of Spain, Germany, France, Holland and Belgium etc). In May 2004, the band went to Paris for participation in the activities of “the Sino-France Year.” To take the opportunity, the band also went to Belgium and Luxembourg etc, for performances and cultural exchanges. In 2005-2006, with the invitation of Korean Government, the band went to ROK for 3 times, giving performances respectively in Seuol, Incheon and Mokpo, which swept the entire ROK and greatly aroused Koreans’ interest in Chinese traditional folk music, evoking great social repercussions there. In January 2006, with the invitation of Taiwan and Hongkong, the band went on a performing tour to 7 universities (Taiwan’s Ming Chi University Of Technology & Chang Gung University, and Hongkong’s Kiangsu-Chekiang College, etc) for cultural exchanges. About 10000 Taiwan & Hongkong compatriots watched the performances. In July 2007, with Hongkong government’s invitation, the band went to Hongkong for the performances on the occasion marking the 10th anniverary of HK’s return to the Mainland. In October 2008, with the invitation of Japanese Government, the band went to Tokyo, Osaka and Sakai for performances and cultural exchanges. In Feburary & August 2009, the band gave performances in the Great Hall of People for the conference( sponsored by the Jiangsu Provincial CPC Committee & Government)concerning the cooperation with central state-owned enterprises and the conference regarding the coastal development. In November 2009, the band went on a performing tour with a great success in the Oriental Art Centre of Shanghai, the Grand Theatre of Hangzhou, Suzhou’s Great Hall of People, the Art Theatre of Zhenjiang, etc. On January 27-28, 2010 the band held the Lantern Festival concert in the National Grand Theatre in Beijing. Song Fei (Vice President of of Chinese Musicians Association, Vice Chairman of the Central Conservatory of Music and Famous Erhu Player), Xi Qiang(Director of Central National Chinese Music Ensemble)and Zhang Dianying(Vice Chairman of China’s Learned Society for Chinese Pipe and String Instruments), etc—all these experts spoke highly of the concert, “It is a concert that emits vigour of youth, elegance and beauty. Every member of the band is engrossed in music, no fatigue usually seen in the professional players, and no artificiality. All the players are bursting with youthful energy, and they are pretty and attractive. Their vigour & vitality, their great enthusiasm and self-confidence have left a great visual impact on the visual nerve of the audiene present. Jiangsu Women’s Traditional Instruments Orchestra is a very strong team, which has brought a fresh wind to Chinese traditional folk music….” Wherever they went, they always demonstrated their youthful vigour, excellent skills and great integrity. They received very high praises and evaluation from foreign friends, overseas Chinese, and Taiwan & Hongkong compatriots.

Jiangsu Women’s Traditional Instruments Orchestra has culturally distinguished itself in Lianyungang and Jiangsu, having received many great honours. With its unique outstanding style of the times and its wonderful classical Chinese traditional art, the band has brought to audiences unforgettable enjoyments and spiritual delights. It is just like a colourful flower, sending off fragrance in the great garden of Chinese traditional art.