October 29, Wednesday

Ankara DTCF Farabi Hall, Sıhhiye  19:00

Opening Concert

‘Republic Day of Turkey’


Busan Metropolitan Dance Company

52 Artists from South Korea’s Busan Province coming to Ankara for the first time will perform traditional dance and music of their culture. They say their goal in coming to Ankara is to represent harmony and excite in the World through the international festival of Sefika Kutluer, biringing messages of peace and love.

Art lovers of Ankara will witness a glamorous performance of Korea’s traditional music, rhythm and dance through a gorgeous, colorful Show.

A very dynamic and unique music and dance show with multi-color traditional costumes …As the first dance company organized by the local government, Busan Metropolitan Dance Company which was established in 1973 in Busan’s flagship dance company.

Under the artistic direction of Ms Hong Kyung-Hee, the artistic director, the company tours throughout Korea and overseas, producing an unrivalled quality of new works on a large scale, and expanding its themes from traditional Korea to contemporary Korean themes.

The company is considered to be some of the finest and most versatile in Korea, meeting the challenge of performing a range of different styles inducing the traditional and contemporary dance.

The company is welcomed enthusiastically around the world as a cultural delegate of Busan Metropolitan City.



Sincere Thanks to;

Embassy of Republic of Korea, the Rector Ankara University for providing the venue and Bilkent Hotel.



Embassy of Republic of Korea