September 24, 2013

Art & Sculpture Museum, 8pm

Tickets:  30 – 40TL 

Opening Concert

The Gyeongsangbuk-do Provincial Orchestra of Korean Music

52 Artists from South Korea’s Gyeongsangbuk-do Province coming to Ankara for the first time will perform traditional dance and music of their culture. They say that they are coming to Ankara to represent harmony and excitement of the World through the international festival of Sefika Kutluer, giving peace and love messages.

Art lovers of Ankara will witness a glamorous performance of Korea’s traditional melody, rhythm and dance through a gorgeous colorful Show.

A very dynamic and unique music and dance show with multi-color traditional costumes …


  Traditional Music and Dance Performance

 ∙ Starting with “Sujecheon”, the best of instrumental music performed for royal court, “Gainjeonmu”, the dance with peony at hands, “Fan Dance” making various patterns with fancy dress and fans decorated with feathers and “Taepyungmu” , the dance to wish a reign of peace will be performed to show traditional art, beauty and excitement of Korea.  

  “Samulnori, (Korean) Traditional percussion quartet ”and “Sunbichum (Traditional scholar dance)”

    ∙ “Samulnori” is the representative of percussion quartet of Korea to deliver diverse range of rhythms, beats and dynamics created by four percussion instruments to lead the audience to the stage of peak excitement and “Sunbichum” to show the elegance and taste for arts of Korea running through the rhythm of Taepyngso.     


  “Namdo Goodgeori”, the instrumental ensemble and “Gummu (Sword Dance)”

    ∙ “Namdo Goodgeori” is a piece of the instrumental ensemble  where brass instruments and string instruments exchange folk song melody to perform exciting traditional music and “Gummu (Sword Dance)” is the performance of dance with sword at hands to show dynamic and powerful movement. 



   Sanjo Ensemble

    ∙ Sanjo ensemble is one of the instrumental piece of traditional music. It does not have a fixed melody and just performs impromptu music yet in a compete form and superb quality.

   Creative Dance “Dance of Excitement”

    ∙ This performance is to show dynamic energy of dancers in harmony of Janggu dance, drum dance, Sangmu dance and Sogo (small drum) dance to represent harmony and excitement of the world through the international festival of Sefika Kutluer.


Sincere Thanks to;

Embassy of Republic of Korea and T.R. Ministry of Culture & Tourism for providing the venue.


   Republic of Korea