21 Aralık 2020

December 21, 2020 Monday Tarsu 

Tarsus St. Paul Church

Soloist: Şefika Kutluer,Flute

Şefika Kutluer will perform a concert accompanied by strings orchestra in Tarsus at the historical St. Paul’s Church to celebrate the “salvation” of Tarsus in 1921 during the “Turkish Independence War”.

This concert will be the closing event of the 11th International Sefika Kutluer Festival.

International Sefika Kutluer Festival is being organized every year since 2010. The festival has started in Ankara and reached other cities of Turkey. The 11th edition includes concerts in Cappadocia, Aydin, Tarsus besides several performances in Ankara.

We’d like to express our our gratitude to H.E. Mayor Haluk Bozdogan and Tarsus Municipality, for their generous contributions.