DECEMBER 20, 2017


Concert: 19:30


Refik Kutluer will present a short talk titled “ Preservation requires knowledge 2”, before the concert.



– Cláudia Madur – Voice

– Mario Henriques – Portuguese Guitar

– Bruno Brás – Classical  Guitar

– Névio Silva – Bass / Saxofone / Piano







On 20th of December at the Yenimahalle Nazım Hikmet Cultural Center, Ankara, Portugal’s acclaimed “Fado” singer, Claudia Madur and her ensemble take the stage with a stunning program.

Brilliantly mixing the sensational Fado style with authentic folkloric music,the vibrant musicians bring excitement, panache and skill to this memorable evening.

In Portuguese, “Fado” means “destiny” and it expresses “longing”.

While Classical Guitar marks the beat and balance of each song, Saxofone and Portuguese Guitar dialogues constantly with the voice, reinforcing the feelings expressed in it. 

Mario Henriques on Portuguese Guitar, Bruno Brás on Classical  Guitar / Piano

and Névio Silva on Bass / Saxofone accompanies Caudia Madur.



Cláudia Madur is one of the most talented new voices of Fado, widely recognized and acclaimed by the audiences and the critics.
In 2009 Cláudia Madur has recorded her first album “Fado Sem Tempo” (“Timeless Fado”), mainly composed by original poems (some of them by herself) together with traditional Fado melodies. This album quickly led to many international presentations in countries such as Spain, France, Germany, USA, Switzerland, Denmark, Cyprus and Turkey. Some of its tracks were included in some special editions for the promotion of Fado: “Ser Fadista” and “Porto Sentido” were integrated in the collection “Divas do Fado” (“Fado Divas”) (publishing company Difference Entertainment) and her version of the song “Ó Gente da Minha Terra” (“Oh People of My Land”) is also part of the international Fado collection “Beginner’s Guide To Fado” (publishing company Demon Music Group).
“MADUR” is the namesake title of her new album, will have a world tour all over the 5 continents. This launch will mark the beginning of a new phase of her artistic career.
Her strong but yet gentle stage presence has already earned her high praise all over the world.

Tickets: 40 TL – 30 TL
Students: 25 TL – 20 TL


We’d like to extend our gratitude to the Municipality of Yenimahalle for providing the venue and to the Portugal Embassy and Institute Camoes for their contributions.