October 2, 2012



Mosaico Revolucionario 1                                      Vicente Uvalle

Cuando escuches este vals                                    Ángel Garrido

Adiós Mariquita linda                                             Marcos Jiménez

Trio Op. 62 (original en Fa mayor)                          Anton Diabelli- Ezequiel S. Barrera

 Allegro – Minuet – Rondó




Concierto en Re mayor                                              Antonio Vivaldi

 Allegro – Agadio – Allegro

 Fantasía Mexicana                                                     Ezequiel Barrera

                I Grave-Allegro

                II Variaciones sobre un tema de M. Esquivel

                III Introduzione

                IV Finale

The Mexican Guitar Trio is a classical guitar ensemble that wants to combine chamber music with mexican pieces and world music. Gloria, Eliud and Emmanuel start this project since 2002 and they are in a constant search of original pieces and arrangements to bring originality in every concert.

From a very early age, Gloria Buerba, Emmanuel Paulín and Eliud Paulín show their interest and disposition for classical guitar. They participated in the “Gimeno-Barrera” guitar duo project: “Los niños de México tocan la guitarra” (Mexican children play the guitar). Under the guidance of their renowned teachers, Magdalena Gimeno and Raymundo Barrera, they discovered and unfolded their passion for music and ensemble playing.

In the fall of 2002 the Mexican Guitar Trio was born. In their repertory we find traditional classical composers, Mexican folkloric music and music specially written for them.

In the CD “una Fantasía Mexicana” (A Mexican fantasy), they recorded for the first time the work for Guitar Trio of the acclaimed Mexican pianist and composer Ezequiel S. Barrera. In their CD “Panorama”, they have shown the diversity of styles they master.

In their many international performances, they have shown their virtuosity and musicality. For their participation in the Sefika Kutluer Festival they have prepared a special Mexican program that will include the European premier of the “Mexican Fantasy”, a concert masterpiece based on Mexican folk songs.