12 October


Jilin Traditional Chinese Orchestra


Jilin Provincial Chinese Traditional Music Orchestra / National Music Orchestra of Jilin Province

Jilin Provincial Traditional Music Orchestra was established in 1978, which grew out of original Traditional Music Orchestra of Jilin Province Song and Dance Theatre (founded in 1958).

In recent 30 years, the Orchestra formed the special artistic north-east style featuring north-eastern characters of brightness, warmth, frankness and being natural.

The Orchestra has produced the traditional vocal and instrumental music works of more than 600 pieces, nearly 30 works have won national prizes, these works overflew with enthusiasm, tact and exquisiteness.

The Orchestra took part in several big events in and out of country by its strong lineup and original works created. It was appointed by the Ministry of Culture in China to join many cultural exchange performances in many countries such as North Korea, India, Russia, England, Hungary, Bulgaria and South-Africa, Egypt, Saudi-Arabia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, etc.

National Music Orchestra of Jilin Province, founded in 1985 and formerly known as the National Music Orchestra of Jilin Provincial Song and Dance Ensemble, is a professional orchestra mainly consisting of graduates of music conservatories and musicians of advanced level.

Over the past two decades, National Music Orchestra of Jilin Province has orchestrated over 600 pieces of vocal and instrumental works, among which 30 have won national level awards. The winning works include By the Sun-Moon Lake and Ode to the Iron Horse Bell etc. Over 200 works have been awarded the provincial level prizes, such as Fantasia Suite of the Changbai Mountain and Clivia etc. Featuring unique and strong characteristics of Northeast China, the works and performances of the Orchestra enjoy a warm, unconstrained and yet subtle and refined art style. The orchestra is lauded as “a strong contingent among the music schools of Northeast China”.

As an active participant in cultural exchanges with foreign countries, musicians of the orchestra have been well received during their visits to countries in Asia, Africa and Europe.


Program :

1. Ensemble: Jubilant Melody of North China

2. Bamboo Flute Solo: Arrival of Spring at Xiang River
Performed by Wang Xinyu

3. Pipa Solo: Present Me a Rose
Performed by Shen Hong

4. Sheng Solo: Hunting in Winter
Performed by Zhang Zhenjun

5. Erhu and Guzheng: Take-Off Ethereal Color and Celestial Fragrance
Performed by Yang Ming and Liu Hongshan

6. Ensemble: Galloping Horses with Bronze Bells
Dance of Leaping

7. Guzheng Solo: Trickling River
Performed by Liu Hongshan

8. Suona Solo: Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix
Performed by Wang Qingzhong

9. Erhu in Unison: Galloping War Horses
Performed by Dong Bihai, Li Yanwei, Yang Ming and Jin Wenliang

10. Ensemble: Gongs and Drums in Celebration of Harvest
The Full Moon and Blooming Flowers