12 December 2018


December 12, 2018



Şefika Kutluer, Flute

Artur Caldeira, Portuguese Guitar

Daniel Paredes, Classic Guitar


Sefika Kutluer will play Fado Music with her magic flute. The international launching of her Fado CD which is for the first time in the world, will be made together with the concert.

Fado shows itself as a bridge between cultures, between souls…

When Artur Caldeira joined the 7th International Sefika Kutluer Festival in Ankara, he offered Sefika to play 2 of his arrangements at the concert. This is how Sefika Kutluer discovered Fado and she fell in love, a love so deep that she couldn’t stop it, she had to do something about it, she needed to express it…

She played these Fado melodies accompanied by Artur Caldeira and Daniel Paredes at the festival concert. The result was fabulous and the audience loved her interpretation of the Fado melodies, some even saying: “Fado is for you and you are for Fado, it is a spiritual match!”. And then she found on Artur Caldeira and Daniel Paredes the same passion and the same curiosity to discover the Other.

The result of this passion is here! Enjoy it!

It was fate that brought Sefika Kutluer to Fado, and her magic flute will never let go of it again.



As Pedras da Minha Rua – Manuel Paião

Fado Três Bairros – Casimiro Ramos  

Não Sei Porque Te Foste Embora – Frederico Valério

Vagamundo – Alain Oulman

Canção do Mar – Ferrer Trindade

Já Me Deixou – Maximiano de Sousa (Max)

Fado Bailado – Alfredo Marceneiro

Lisboa Antiga – Raúl Portela

Naufrágio – Alain Oulman

Guitarra Triste – Álvaro Duarte Simões

Com Que Voz – Alain Oulman

Alfama – Alain Oulman

Noite de Santo António – Raúl Ferrão

Prece – Alain Oulman

Casa Portuguesa – Artur Fonseca

Senhora da Nazaré – João Nobre

Variações Sobre o Fado Lopes – M.José Lopes, J. Luis Nobre Costa, A. Caldeira



We would like to thank to Camões and Portuguese Embassy and Mr. Fethi Yaşar, the president of Yenimahalle Municipality for the allocation of the hall.


Tickets: 40 TL – 30 TL

Students: 25 TL – 20 TL