October 10, 2012

The Chamber Orchestra of Kazakhstan


Elgar- Serenade for strings   

Vivaldi- Double Violin Concerto In A Minor  

Sarasate- Navarra


A. Serkebayev- ” Shalkyma” -piece for Orchestra

Popular Arias

Mendelssohn- String Symphony No.6 in E flat major

The Chamber Orchestra of Kazakhstan

   The Chamber Orchestra of Kazakhstan – musicians, many of whom today are winners of national and international competitions. The high level of professionalism, attention to the smallest details have allowed to create for collective an unique style of performance and receive wide public acclaim not only in Kazakhstan but also far beyond the borders of our Republic.

The geography of tours of Chamber Orchestra includes such countries as: France, United Kingdom, Poland, India, Russia, USA. The purpose of foreign travel of Orchestra – promoting creativity of Kazakh composers, joint action group with foreign conductors and soloists, participation in international festivals. Special attention is paid to national music with works by Kazakh composers including M.Tulebayev, G.Zhubanova, T.Kazhgaliyev, A.Serkebayev, S.Erkimbekov, A.Raimkulova, G.Uzenbayeva.