1 December 2015

MEB Şura Hall, Beşevler

Presentation: 19:30

Concert: 20:00

Tickets: 45 – 34 – 23 TL (Students: 25 – 19 – 13 TL)

There will be a presention, before the concert, by Ana Lains on “Fado” Culture.

Fado Concert

Ana Lains  & Portucalis Orchestra

Hugo Edgar Silva, Portugal Guitar

Carlos Alberto dos Santos Lopes, Accordion

Paulo Jorge Marques Loureiro, Bass & Piano

Joao Miguel Veras Dos Santos, Classical Guitar

Portugal’s acclaimed “Fado” competition winner Ana Lains and her ensemble take the stage with a stunning program.

Brilliantly mixing the sensational Fado style with authentic folkloric music,the vibrant musicians bring excitement, panache and skill to this memorable evening.

Ana Laíns has been an ambassador for 8 centuries of Portuguese language, and her 2015 tour has been dedicated to highlighting its riches. Ana Laíns invited singers and musicians from all countries of Portuguese official language.

During this Year she took her music to Switzerland, Marroc, Spain, and recently she arrived from the United States, where she had the chance of touring for the first time, combining her concerts with Fado workshops in several USA Universities.



Ana Lains is now working on her 3rd album. It will be a cooperation with Coast to Coast record company, one of the most important World music labels.  But during the current year, she will be part of Fernando Pessoa’s tribute, by EMI, with names included like Mariza, Carminho, Camané or Dulce Pontes.

She started the current year with a very important concert at Jerónimos Monastery, invited by The Portuguese archeology museum and a 12 concert tour in Austria. Still this year, Ana Lains will present her concert in several Portuguese venues ( for example, Portuguese most important Fado festival – Caixa Alfama), Spain, England, Switzerland, Germany, Turkey or Luxembourg.

She is known as one of the best Portuguese upcoming singers. With her recent album “Quatro caminhos” we saw she came to stay! The CD came to the market on March 2010, and after the presentation tour which has been in countries such as Portugal, Spain, Holland, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy, Czech Republic or  Switzerland.

Her last CD has been considered one of the best 10 albums of 2011 by Netherland’s press, opening  doors for 2012’s tour in Europe. The Critics loved her on stage and speak of her strong singing, interpretation and natural capacity to create connection to the audience.

At the year of 2000 appears her first recording experience. Although, she signed her first record deal in 2003 by the hand of the record label “Difference”, but she only felt the maturity to record her debut album late in 2005 having as the producer, the prestige Diogo Clemente ( Mariza, Raquel Tavares or Carminho). In April of 2006, her first álbum “Sentidos”, is finally available on the market. Ana sings some of her favorite poets, such as Florbela Espanca, Lídia Oliveira, António Ramos Rosa, among others, and gets some of the best Portuguese musicians for recording and composing!

The presentation tour goes by several countries, and in Greece she was considered by the Greek press as “ the Diva of a different Fado”. The British prestige magazine “Songlines” highlighted the completely contemporary exercise of her singing on Fado. In Portugal she was considered a major revelation for giving a new color to Fado and to the Portuguese music in general.

In the summer of 2009 comes the invitation from Boy George to record a duet in his new album, with the song “Amazing Grace”, stating: “Your voice is sublime”.

In March 2010, she releases “Quatro Caminhos” and counts with the precious help of Diogo Clemente once again. Continuing her path through Fado and the traditional Portuguese music with authorship of Diogo Clemente, Amélia Muge, José Manuel David, Filipe Raposo, Paulo Loureiro and others.

“Quatro Caminhos” is a daring album, very thoughtful and heartfelt, in which the singer confirms her versatility and coherence in being Portuguese: “ Over many years, I have been cooking a versatile singer, colored, because the force of circumstances wanted it so. I feel I am much richer because I had the opportunity to venture in to many music forms and expressions. I took from these trips the best elations, the best lessons, and now I see music as a form of free and global expression. It may seem paradoxical, but perhaps this knowledge is the biggest reason for my loyalty to Fado, traditional Portuguese music and my language. I’m the daughter of a magnificent country, with a very rich and inspiring musical culture. I’m the result of my love for Portugal, which was, in history, proving that you can have an identity with so many colors!”

 “Your voice is sublime”

Boy George, during the invitation for duet with the singer

 “Today I got richer”

 Carlos Alberto Moniz, after a concert at Sintra

 “Ana Laíns is not just a singer, she is one of the best Portuguese interpreters”

 Helena Torrado, poet

“Unusual voice, vibrant, charming… it feels like calling her perfect”

João Gobern in Revista Máxima

“Ana Laíns has an elegant, talented command over natural frasing and light vibrato, in

contrast to more famous colleagues…”

Frits Lagerwerff, VPRO Gids, Holland

“The biggest candidate to be the next Portuguese Diva.”

Joaquim de Almeida, actor

Tickets: 45 – 34 – 23 TL (Students: 25 – 19 – 13 TL)

 We’d like to extend our gratitude to Embassy of Portugal & Camoes Instituto Portugal for the Fado musicians, THY for transportation, Limak Ambassador for their accommodations and Sevda Cenap And Music Foundation for the piano.